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Here you can find a guide on what you should do in your garden at the right time, random helpful hints and tips and other general gardening stuff that we think you might like.

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I've been listening to...

The Plant Based Podcast

I find podcasts a bit like listening to a play on the radio. Somewhere to lose your own thoughts and concentrate on something else.

This is not another garden podcast, it's a podcast based on anything that can be traced back to plants.

The hosts are a joy with their easy-going banter and friendship based on the same principles of their love of plants.

Did you know...

The Eden Project has secured funding for a new site at Morecombe Bay, Lancashire. Its due to be designed in the style of Cornwall and will focus on education, entertainment, health and wellbeing.

Random fact...

The biggest garden in the world is Dubai Miricle Garden with over 150 million flowers. It holds 3 Guinness world records for the tallest topiary in the shape of Micky Mouse, an airbus A380 aircraft, and the world's largest vertical garden.

Business shout out to...

Bea Ray Garden Design

Bea Ray lives and works in Cumbria and has been designing gardens for over 10 years.

Her warm personality and flexible attitude towards different garden shapes, sizes and budgets makes her a joy to work with.

Top tip...

Put plant supports in before the plants need them. Leave it too late and you will find it an impossible task!