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Here you can find a guide on what you should do in your garden at the right time, random helpful hints and tips and other general gardening stuff that we think you might like.

Recycle and reuse...

The lateral flow kit

I dont believe there isnt a single household in the country that has not used a lateral flow kit in the last couple of years.

Instead of throwing your plastic thingymagiy in the bin, recyle and reuse it as a plant label instead!

Business shout out to...

Bea Ray Garden Design

The wonderful Bea Ray is a qualified garden designer based here in Cumbria and I have been lucky enough to work with her.

Her first hand knowledge of what does and doesnt grow in Cumbria is invaluable and her flexibility with budgets and needs is what makes her so appealing to work with.

Top tip...

February is time to prune Wisteria. Remember to prune back 2 buds in the 2nd month, 7 buds back in the 7th month.