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Here you can find a guide on what you should do in your garden at the right time, random helpful hints and tips and other general gardening stuff that we think you might like.

I would like to read...

The Climate Change Garden

As a gardener, I see how climate change is changing our gardens.

Plants flowering at random times of the year, plants in distress due to lack of water to name just a few.

I would very much like to read this as I want to have the opportunity to implement changes into my clients gardens to help the gardenscope with changes they face.

Business shout out to...

Adam Hirst Garden, Fencing and Forestry

Adam specialises in fencing, forestry, and gardening services in and around Cumbria.

I've had the pleasure of working with Adam in several gardens. He's a top bloke with top-notch work ethics and standards. You won't be disappointed with his work either!

Top tip...

Dont plant your Tulips in the ground just yet......wait until towards the end of November, beginning December. Why? Because when the soil is warm there are a lot of fungal diseases in the soil which can affect your bulbs. Planting them later also gives them less chance to grow and get damaged by frost.