About us

Helen Sale is

...the founder of Companion Gardener ®

Gardening is my great passion. I have always loved working alongside nature to create beautiful spaces for people to enjoy. Of course with every passion comes the desire to share it with others. And so I became the Companion Gardener.

Helen Sale with a large leaf
Helen Sale mowing with cows watching

Working alongside you in your garden

Do you need some guidance to make the most of your garden? A little help with some of the more physical aspects of gardening? Or would you just like to spend time working alongside someone that enjoys gardening just as much as you do?

Then you need the Companion Gardener!

The right woman for the job

Since studying horticulture at Newton Rigg College for 3 years I have taught many people the basic skills needed to garden with confidence. But above all else I always try to make gardening fun!

Helen Sale being silly in the garden