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Gardening with YOU in YOUR garden. Send me a message to find out more.

Helen in the Walled Garden with a sunflower

About me

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What is a Companion Gardener ?

Landscape view of Windermere from Ambleside


Sunrays shinning through to a tree

Gardening stuff 

What do my clients say?

I can't believe how much I enjoy gardening with you. You're an inspiration 

 Sally, Penrith

You're brilliant, thank you for making us bloom 

Mary, Greystoke

You're the highlight of my week and a joy to work alongside with 

 Ann, Tirril

What a fabulous idea and your company is as every bit good as your gardening  

Val, Helton

You're an answer to my gardening prayers  

Katharine, Bampton

I spend so much more time outside now and that's thanks to you 

Adam, Penrith

You keep me motivated and you're my incentive to get outdoors  

Molly, Mungrisdale

Thank you for being a fountain of knowledge yet again this year!

Sindy, Tirril

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