What is a Companion Gardener?

The concept is very simple...

I come and garden with you in your garden as your companion.

Here's what you can expect:

Diary of a Companion Gardener


I will be there when I say I will

Helen Sale walking in the snow

I wont make you work

in the snow or rain......if you don't want to!

Helen Sale hugging a penguin

I'll bring the chat

(and laughter)

Helen Sale judging local flower competition

Teach you

the horticulture way

Sharing plants ideas over magazines

Share ideas

on what's best for you and your garden

Helen Sale looking at plants

Guide you

on what to do and when

Helen Sale needing some oomph

Give you a bit of oomph

when you need it the most and you've lost your mojo

Helen Sale identifying plants

Help identify plants

If you've inherited a garden and have no idea what anything is

Covid doesn't stop us

We take it online!

We might not be able to garden together but we can still have coffee and chat over zoom.

If you want to feel connected to the outside world and have a horticulture question please get in touch.

Helen Sale hosting zoom meetings with companion gardening clients